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NJF Consulting


We offer high level hardware & software support to ensure your IT needs are met.

NJF Consutling


We offer development environments to meet your specific requirements. Whether that be for a dynamic website with a full 'back office' environment with CMS to a static HTML site. All fully optimised for multiple viewing environments.

NJF Consulting

IT Services

NJF Consulting offer support in all IT related areas for small to medium sized businesses.
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NJF Consulting

NJF Consulting

Serving Nottingham & The East Midlands


We develop various solutions for our customers specifically tailored to meet their very demanding needs. These solutions are developed over multi platform environments to ensure a consistent look and feel via a number of viewing options.

The BMW Club

The BMW Club utilises a full back office environment to allow the maintenance of their yearly calendar. This is dynamically displayed on their website and self updates as time passes. This allows full, real time access to all their calendar details to ensure and maintain accuracy.

The system allows the editor of the club Journal to export the calendar information for printing purposes.

The club consists of 15 sections covering the entire UK. These sections maintain their own calendar data in a central location. Avoiding data duplication and inconsistencies.

Sections can export their section data for import into calendar environments such as Google calendars.

Neartone Printers

Neartone Printers

The Neartone Printers site allows visitors to generate their own accurate quotations for a variety of products. The calculator is maintained via a secure 'back office' environment. Easily maintainable and instant.

TRS Vehicle Repair Centre

TRS Vehicle Repair Centre website uses a database to store the Service prices and is easily maintainable by the customer. This site utilises the latest Fluid Grid Technology allowing for the site to be viewed on multiple viewing environments(Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop & PC).

Need2View Estate Agents


The Need2View site has a full secure 'back office' environment that allows the customer to complete all their related business tasks via the system. The system produces their website, marketing material and even does the marketing, via text message email and postal communication.

Other examples of websites produced are available if required.

Should you wish for more information or a Free Consultation please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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