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NJF Consulting


We offer high level hardware & software support to ensure your IT needs are met.

NJF Consutling


We offer development environments to meet your specific requirements. Whether that be for a dynamic website with a full 'back office' environment with CMS to a static HTML site. All fully optimised for multiple viewing environments.

NJF Consulting

IT Services

NJF Consulting offer support in all IT related areas for small to medium sized businesses.
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NJF Consulting

NJF Consulting

Serving Nottingham & The East Midlands

Current Projects

Company Data Management System

A data management system that processes the companies orders and produces all the required documentation to complete those orders.

Including but not limited to:-

  • Product Specifications archive - and the revisions of said products
  • Orders archive
  • Purchase orders for raw materials and full monitoring
  • 'Work To' documentation for the factory floor
  • Full stock system and raw material location data
  • Full transaction logs
  • Usage Reports
  • Despatch Notes
  • Invoicing

This system has been developed in conjunction with the customer and has been live for twelve months. This is being continually developed to meet the companies ever changing needs.

Print Calculator

An online system that allows the production of accurate online calculations for the printing Industry.

  • Materials
  • Material Weights
  • Product Types
  • Print Types
  • Print Finish Types
  • Volume Discounts

All the above are maintainable by the customer and allow for the accurate quotations to be generated by the Businesses Customers via the Companies Website.

The collection and processing of payments for the orders and the progression of those orders to completion.

Conversion of Existing Websites

Due to the advancement of internet technologies and the varying platforms websites are viewed on, sometimes the need arises to revamp old websites to ensure they meet the requirements of current viewing environments. We are currently upgrading a number of sites to take advantage of 'Fluid Grid Layouts'. These enable us to develop one website that is optimised for multiple viewing platforms. Whether that be a mobile phone, tablet device or desktop PC. Allowing us to specify how the content is viewed based on pixel dimensions rather than compressing the data making unreadable on some platforms.


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