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NJF Consulting


We offer high level hardware & software support to ensure your IT needs are met.

NJF Consutling


We offer development environments to meet your specific requirements. Whether that be for a dynamic website with a full 'back office' environment with CMS to a static HTML site. All fully optimised for multiple viewing environments.

NJF Consulting

IT Services

NJF Consulting offer support in all IT related areas for small to medium sized businesses.
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NJF Consulting

NJF Consulting

Serving Nottingham & The East Midlands

Remote Support

We offer a Remote Support option to compliment our on-site services. This reduces costs and can speed up solutions. Allowing us to remedy a large number of faults remotely.

This service can also be utilised to aid and assist users and remote training can be a time saving option. Ensuring the help is there when required.

Remote System monitoring can identify areas of concern before they become issues.

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